6th Apr. 2017

Scrum training is critical

Scrum training is critical

Why is adopting Scrum a challenge for many companies?

  • In some companies with a corporate culture significantly at odds with agile core values, or with insufficient support from management, it can be almost impossible to adopt Scrum. In other companies, lack of adequate training quite often leads to failed scrum adoptions, says Martin Andersson, teacher and developer at Edument.

Tell us about some common pitfalls, that you’ve seen, when companies try to adopt Scrum.

  • Many companies try to adopt scrum by changing the names of existing roles and starting to have a bunch of new meetings, most popularly the daily scrum, along with a transition to working in short iterations, known as sprints. One of the common problems I often see is that people tend to forget some of the core concepts when adopting Scrum. Scrum is a framework built on empirical process control theory, thus having the three pillars: Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation. If you do Scrum without paying attention to all of the pillars, you will end up doing the same mistakes over and over again, Martin explains.

So what should you do to avoid this?

  • I believe that the Retrospective meeting is one of the most important parts of Scrum, because it makes it possible to improve the way we work: the processes, the tech, the competence, etc. Lots of companies adopting scrum forget to have that meeting every sprint, or they have it but they don’t act on the issues that come up, though that won’t stop them from complaining about scrum not working for them, says Martin.

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