6th Oct. 2016

Three reasons that Edument won the "Gazelle Prize" for fastest growing company

Three reasons that Edument won the "Gazelle Prize" for fastest growing company

"Fastest growing and most profitable" and "A creator of jobs and an inspiration to others". These were the criteria for which Edument received the prize "Gazelle Company" of 2016. We are, of course, extremely happy and proud. Lets take a look behind the scenes; why did we receive this award, according to the people who made it happen?

When a company wins a prize the people put in the media spotlight tend to be the founders or the CEO. At Edument we believe our employees make us who we are. Without smart and incredibly dedicated employees there is no Gazelle, or any other, prize to be won. We asked our team members "What makes Edument special?" and boiled our success down to the following reasons.

1. Being a company that "gives a shit about their employees"

At Edument we know that our employees - the talented designers, developers and programmers that call Edument their home, are what make us a great company. We know we must earn their dedication and aspire to motivate, keep them inspired, and sufficiently challenged.

"Edument gives a shit about their employees", Stephen Lau, one of our great developers puts it when asked what makes Edument a good company to work for.

One of the ways we "give a shit" is by having regular "Training Days" when our developers are given time to focus on their projects and interests. By encouraging our team members to spend time on personal development and by letting them define what the term means to them, we trust them and know that from their interests come great results. Our very own Eric Lavesson is, for example, developing the new 8-bit-game Cathedral.

Personal development is not only for Training Days. We try our best to make sure our team members get just the right balance between consulting, teaching and developing our very own course material. Balance; through the right amount of projects and challenges, we believe, is key to motivated and happy team members.

2. Letting every voice matter

As cliché as it may sound, we believe in listening to our employees. As we put great trust in the team that makes up Edument, we extend that trust to when suggestions, opinions and feedback are put forth. It is only as a team that we can continue to grow and attract even more challenging and rewarding customers and projects.

"The best thing about Edument is the freedom and the possibilities to affect the business", as Eric Lavesson says.

Eric has been with us for several years and has a background in consulting and teaching. He explains that in many places it is easy to feel like a very small and perhaps also insignificant part in a big operation. At Edument he argues it is easy to have open discussions and to discuss as equals.

"There is no traditional employer-employee relationship. We’re a flat organization".

This statement seems to be confirmed by Wiveka Thott, longtime Edument employee and responsible for Sales and Operations at our Malmö office:

"The best thing about Edument is that you’re heard. You’re listened to and your opinion matters."

3. Selling knowledge you can’t google

A lot of knowledge today can be found without much effort. We all search for quick fixes now and then and there is no harm in that. On the contrary, we believe the more knowledge accessible to people, the better. But there is a difference in knowledge acquired by thorough studies and by having a really good teacher and mentor. There is a depth and a unique value in becoming really skilled at something.

At Edument we’re selling market leading IT education and offer consultants that combine a rare mix of professional experience working on complex projects, teaching, and making complex ideas simple for others to understand. By developing our own learning material and putting together courses that are based on real demands we deliver courses that push our students further.

"I want others to shine", our team member, skilled developer Erik Man says. He is driven by the challenge to help others grow, whether it is by creating a tool or explaining things in ways that provide a new and deeper understanding.

The diverse backgrounds and experiences of our team members plays an important part in what makes us stand out in a crowd. At Edument you find developers that not only teach great courses, they also work on our most challenging customer projects.

In the words of our CEO, Acke:

"What we’re selling is something you can’t google".

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