Tore Nestenius

CTO, Edument co-founder, System Developer, Teacher

Tore Nestenius
Senior developer who likes to teach others.
Consultant and trainer that helps companies with advanced problem solving and mentoring.

Key skills

  • .NET C#
  • Architecture
  • Software design
  • Web security
  • Web services

Main competence area

Help companies and organizations with advanced problem solving and make their development more effective.

Specific competence areas

  • SQL-Server
  • Web development
  • Test driven development
  • Distributed applications
  • NServicebus
  • CQRS / Event sourcing
  • Microsoft Azure

Previous assignments

Tore Nestenius has worked as a consultant since 1997 and is a very knowledgeable system developer and has in the past worked for large companies like Ericsson and Flextronics. Early in his career, Tore Nestenius started Programmers Heaven - a portal with over 750 000 monthly users. He’s behind several other successful projects like CodePedia - a Wiki for developers, the Open Source project TNValidate, and the C# School e-book with over 100 000 downloads. These projects, among others, has helped Tore build a unique network with providers of development tools and experts.


  • MS Technology Specialist MS Technology Specialist

Teacher for courses


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