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At Edument you find developers that combine up-to-date experience from the really challenging projects with teaching and making others grow. By not only knowing, but also by sharing, the reality of our customers, we contribute to real progress and development. We know what it means to face challenges as a team, we know what it means to break new ground and we know how it feels to go where not many others have gone before. That’s what define the best educators.

Explore, improve & push boundaries

Our developers are united by their desire to explore, improve, and push boundaries. The comfort zone is no place for our team members. They all go way beyond that. As teachers, the Edument team works hard to encourage creativity and curiosity. By creating their own course material our teachers make sure our education meets the demands and challenges that they experience firsthand as consultants.

Pushing boundaries and making what used to be impossible possible – that’s what our developers strive for both as teachers and as consultants. If you’re ready to learn, if you’re ready for improvement and progress, we think you and our team could be the perfect match.

Challenge us!

The Edument Research & Development team is here to help your company with its unique challenges. We take on most projects within system development and programming.

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I want others to shine Erik Man - Developer, consultant and teacher

In our team you find specialists and skilled problem solvers, united by the desire to push boundaries and break new ground. We don’t shy away from challenges, we look for them. Some of the areas we are particularly good at are:


  • .NET
  • Mobile development
  • Perl
  • Development tools
  • Webservices and mashups
  • User Interface and Interaction design
  • Performance optimizations
  • Test-driven development
  • Sharepoint
  • Agile system development
  • Outsourcing and maintenance
  • Java
  • Systems architecture
  • Restructuring and refactoring of code

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