Armin Vojnikovic

Software Developer, Teacher

Armin Vojnikovic
"The fears we don’t face, becomes our limits. Accept every challenge"

Key skills

    • Systemdeveloper
    • C# / Microsoft .NET 4.0
    • Java Software Engineering
    • Android Development
    • Java – Netverk
    • MSSQL
    • JDBC
    • Scrum Master

Main competence area

Armin has a degree in systems and telecommunications with good knowledge in areas such as C# and Java.
He has a good ability to understand businesses, their processes and problems.

As a person, he is an analytical and quality-conscious. On Edument he works with Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, which are three open source tools. These serve as a search engine that makes it easier for users to find and keep track of indexing and documents.

He is also a teacher for Java programs.

Specific competence areas


  • Scrum- Master Software Developer, Teacher

Teacher for courses


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