6 Mar 2019

Edument release Comma Community - a free Perl 6 IDE


Last spring, Edument announced Comma, the first Integrated Development Environment for the Perl 6 programming language. Comma was initially made available under a paid supporter's program. From today, two editions of Comma will be available.

Comma Community provides a free, yet powerful, Perl 6 Integrated Development Environment. Developers can enjoy detailed syntax highlighting, auto-completion, numerous code editing and navigation features, rename refactors, integrated test running, and a graphical debugger.

Comma Complete, available under a subscription program for 120 EUR / year, includes further refactoring tools, test coverage analysis, and profiling. While Comma Community will see new releases quarterly, Comma Complete subscribers will enjoy updates at least monthly.


Building Comma has not only added a product to Edument's portfolio, but has also allowed the company to demonstrate its knowledge in building developer tooling on the JetBrains IDEA platform. This has already led to further work, both in training and consulting. "I hoped that would happen, but honestly didn't expect it so fast," notes Jonathan Worthington, Comma’s founder, concluding: "it's such an Edument thing to do: work on something you really enjoy, show it off, and find new and exciting work as a result of it".

Acke Salem, CEO at Edument, agrees that Comma strengthens the company's core values: “Edument is driven by knowledge and has always protected the community and sharing knowledge. We believe in sharing a version that is accessible to everyone will lead to increased knowledge and development within Perl 6. This also strengthens and demonstrates Edument's competence.”

All developers who purchased a Comma subscription during the supporter period are now automatically Comma Complete subscribers. The supporter program offered 24, then 18, months of access including the BETA period for the same price as a Comma Complete subscription now, Therefore, everyone who purchased Comma during its early stages will not only have enjoyed early access to Comma, but also will enjoy some extra months of Comma Complete subscription too.

Read more about Comma on commaide.com

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