7 Aug 2019

Edument spreads its knowledge at PerlCon


Today the annual conference PerlCon starts. This year it is held in Riga and Edument's presence is great as three of our developers will speak at the conference. Our knowledge of Perl lies primarily with our developers Jonathan Worthington and Carl Mäsak, who are heavy names in the Perls Community.

– The most important thing about conferences is to meet others in the Community. And the so-called "Hallway track", the invisible track where people can talk and find each other, that's what makes the conference. Not to mention all the "fishing stories" you hear from old foxes over a beer in the evening. These are fantastic things that will make you grow as a developer, says Carl Mäsak before going to Riga.

Jonathan Worthington is one of PerlCon's three keynote speakers and he will talk about Concurrency, where Perl 6 is at the forefront. Previously, Edument, with Jonathan in the lead, built Comma IDE, an integrated development environment for Perl 6.

Carl Mäsak will in his talk present what he has come up with in a project he has been working on for four and a half years. He has long dreamed of using macros, a powerful feature that helps one write smaller and better code, in Perl 6.

One of our new employees in Prague, Alexander Kiryuhin, will also speak during the conference. Alexander has been involved in creating Comma IDE.

– The opportunity to talk and exchange experiences will make you come home with new energy. You bring new energy to the projects you continue with after the conference, says Carl Mäsak.

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