7 Mar 2018

Take a course in Prague


We are proud to announce that, starting from May, Edument will also offer courses in Prague. Now you can enjoy and be energized by spending time in one of Europe's most beautiful cities, at the same time as attending one of our popular courses! We will start out by offering our Software Architecture, JavaScript Foundation and React courses.

The course price includes
- Course materials
- Full board hotel stay
- Airport transfers

Scheduled courses:
Software Architecture
Date: 3-4 May
Js Foundation
Date:17-18 May  

Date: 31 May - 1 June

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Naturally, we can also offer private course deliveries for your organization in Prague. Such deliveries require a minimum of 3 participants, and you and can choose freely from our courses.

Contact us for more information and booking!
Phone: +46 40 - 61 70 720
Email: info@edument.se

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  • Software Architecture

    How do you avoid making your project a big ball of mud? How do you balance a wide range of design concerns and constraints? How do you map customer requirements to working software? This course provides you with the means and methods to face these challenges.

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  • JavaScript Foundation

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