6 Dec 2018

Edument for Musikhjälpen!


We welcome everyone at "Swish - julfika" and auction out knowledge!

Our auction is an admission at any course in Malmö 2019 to the highest bidder (value 25 900kr), perfect if you want to broaden either your own or someone else's knowledge. The money goes unpunished to Musikhjälpen and their important work where the theme this year is "Everyone is entitled to work differently". The auction closes Sunday December 16th. 

To the auction


December 12th (12-18.00) we welcome you to "Swish - julfika" at Kullagatan 21 in Helsingborg, bring colleagues and friends and come! Swisha any amount, all proceeds go to Musikhjälpen. Warm welcome!

We would also like to challenge TechSverige for more initiatives!


Together we have gathered a total of SEK 28 635 for Musikhjälpen and Radiohjälpen's work on everyone's right to work differently!

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