22 May 2019

We launch summer Boot Camp


Now we can offer you who want to quickly re-educate or establish you in a new area. Through our solid knowledge, we have developed two course packages for the summer, intended for those who have difficulty with the development of skills for the rest of the year.

We are launching two Boot Camps, in one of them we aim for you who are .NET developers but who want to take it a step further to become a modern and complete .NET Core developer. The second one is for you with programming habits that want to learn everything you need to know about JavaScript and frontend programming in 2019.

During a week (5 days) you will get to know our experts' knowledge, meet and socialize with like-minded developers. The week is combined with practical and theoretical experiences while at the same time we live and breathe code. In addition to new knowledge, we will also organize a joint dinner and AW during the week. We'll see you this summer?

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