19 Mar 2019

Edument continues to invest in the Startup scene   - partner with Connect Sweden


During Eduments nine years, we have accumulated a great deal of experience and deepened and broadened our knowledge. Last autumn we opened our Techhub for entrepreneurs and in 2019 we are also partner with Connect Sweden, an organization that helps entrepreneurs grow.

“Connect is a great place for us to appear to invest in new domains with our technical knowledge. It feels great to give back to the Startup scene and be able to share the lessons and knowledge we have gathered, and still do." says Acke Salem, CEO and founder of Edument. 

Two weeks ago, we hosted the Big Hearts Språngbräda in the office in Helsingborg, and today it is time for another. In addition to being hosted by various Language Boards, we will also hold exciting lunch lectures in conjunction with Connect Sweden.

“We at Connect are extremely pleased that Edument is becoming a partner in Skåne's largest professional network with a focus on startups. Together we will pepper and pre-start ambitious entrepreneurs and thus lay the foundation for an even hotter business community in Skåne and the world! ” says André Johansson, CEO Connect Sweden Region South.

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