23 Jan 2019

Early bird!


2019 we reintroduce Early Bird prices! If you book a course no later than two months before the start of the course and get a 20% discount (applies to all our scheduled courses.). We want to encourage more people to invest in individual competence development, therefore we have Early Bird prices. This means that all scheduled courses have a more favorable price if you book no later than two months before the start of the course.

Look out for the blue prizes to take part in Early Bird!

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  • Our Gothenburg office is growing

    Our newest colleague is Nils Petzäll - a curious problem solver who is fascinated by the philosophy of programming and sees it as more than just writing code.

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  • Edument appointed MasterGasell

    Edument has been named Gasell company for three consecutive years and has also been named MasterGasell.

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  • Edument continues to invest in the Startup scene   - partner with Connect Sweden

    Last autumn we opened our Techhub for entrepreneurs and in 2019 we are also partner with Connect Sweden, an organization that helps entrepreneurs grow.

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  • ASP.NET Core updated to 2.2

    In December, version 2.2 of ASP.NET was released and this upgrade contains many exciting news that will make life easier for us developers. 

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  • Edument release Comma Community - a free Perl 6 IDE

    Today we release Comma - Community and Complete. This means that Perl 6 developers can now take part of Comma as a free version or as paying subscribers depending on one's needs.

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