17 Sep 2019

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We now have even more courses in our range and want to be able to offer them on schedule. But we need your help! Which of these 6 courses do you want to attend? Submit your interest!

Beginning Kotlin
Kotlin is the new language of programming and is used for programming of backend, frontend and Android. It is pragmatic and it provides support for focusing on the solution rather than on the code. It can be used both as a complement and as a replacement for code written in Java and JavaScript. 

Asynchronous and multi-threaded C#
Working multi-threaded and asynchronous in .NET environment is very popular and the knowledge of it is a must for every .NET developer. Although it may sometimes be considered trivial to throw async / await into the code, the underlying truth is much more complicated than that.

Introduction to Rust
Rust is a modern, productive and production-ready language well suited for eg network programming or embedded development. It is a new system programming language from Mozilla, suitable for the same type of context as C and C ++.

Continuous Integration and testing with Jenkins
Continuous Integration, CI, is an increasingly common way of managing the complexity of modern development projects. Instead of writing modules individually and then performing a time-consuming integration phase, each module is initially tested individually. We go through CI step by step, from setting up a Jenkins server and a simple build job, through starting to develop unit tests and module tests and following up on code coverage and other statistics, to fully automate delivery.

Beginning Go
In recent years, several new system programming languages have started to gain a foothold. One of the most popular has turned out to be Go, or Golang. It is often described as a language that is easy to learn if you already know one or more programming languages, and is considered to offer a fun developer experience interspersed with high productivity.

Web for developers
Everything from downloading a website, calling an API or when we build cloud solutions. Almost everything we develop today communicates in some way over the Internet. Are you a developer before and want to create a solid foundation to stand on when it comes to Network DNS and HTTP?

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