We know that knowledge is the key to success. We educate programmers all over the world. Together with sharing knowledge we also work on projects that push boundaries.

Now we are hiring more staff to our sales team and are looking for driven sales people interested in selling programming training. In the long term, there is also the opportunity to supplement education sales with project / consultancy sales.

Work Tasks - Your First Time on Edument
When you start at Edument, you will be focused on selling over the phone. You are innovative and will find new ways to expand your customer list while creating new business opportunities.

Your sales focus will be on our scheduled courses and your goal is together with the rest of the sales team, see that the courses are fully booked. During the sales talks, you will usually talk to managers, consultants, system developers and HR.

The next step may be
When you have mastered scheduled course sales, you will likely meet our customers. You will mingle, have lunch and drink coffee with our amazing customers. Your sales focus will be expanded, in addition to scheduling, you will have the opportunity to talk about sales of projects and CodeBuddy (one of our consulting concepts).

Development Opportunities
One of our sayings at Edument is "We promise to make you the best you can become". You will be under constant development and it will be your driving force and interests that will guide your development.

What is required of you
You should have worked at least a year with sales, and be used to making sales over the phone as that will be your primary tool. You are good at building relationships and having the initiative required to do good business. You work towards goals and to achieve them you are structured and used to working independently.

Knowledge about the IT industry is not a requirement, but it is a bonus. You bring your knowledge about sales and we will teach you about the industry!

Our office in Helsingborg. 

Your future colleagues
Today we are 30 Edumenters and have offices in Helsingborg, Malmö, Falkenberg and Prague. We are a knowledge based company and the red thread among us at Edument is that we think knowledge and skills are some of the finest things available. We do not believe in hierarchies and give all employees the same promise: "Together, we'll make sure you get to be the best you can become!" Learn more about our company and us on our webpage

If you feel ready to become a part of Edument, send your application to (0735-071463) or (0733-514830).

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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