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Edument has developed several products and most recently we released Comma, an IDE for Perl 6 built on Jetbrain's IntelliJ platform.

Who are you?

We are looking for you who want to build tools for developers. You are driven by your work, curious, committed and hungry for knowledge. You want to work for a company where you have the opportunity to influence and develop.

The requirements we set are that you should be a problem solver with experience of Java. A plus is if you have experience of languages such as C ++, Perl or .NET. The number of years as a developer is not decisive but what you have done over the years you have written code.

Desirable is knowledge in areas such as Android, Plugins, IntelliJ or mobile development.

Your first project

The first project is to build a tool to be used by thousands of developers. You will develop in Java and the product is built around JetBrain's IDE IntelliJ. We are partners with JetBrains and thus have access to great knowledge of the tool. The project is run in-house from our offices in Helsingborg and Prague. It is also possible to work from our other offices and for the right person, teleworking also works. You will work near the team that developed Comma.

Why work at Edument?

Edument is not like other companies. We believe in our own responsibility and self-organization. We avoid hierarchies and choose to build the company with smaller groups, Tribes, which has a clear focus (.NET, JavaScript, Java, Marketing, Sell, HR etc).

We are a knowledge company where our expertise and the pursuit of new knowledge is what distinguishes us, whether you are a consultant, teacher or working with finance. In addition to being part of the Edument family and getting colleagues with unique cutting-edge expertise, there are a variety of benefits.

You get free access to our courses (LINK), and your own education budget for external courses and conferences. You have great freedom to plan both customer time and skills development. You choose what to develop within and when. Why not build on and develop our concept #waayoutofoffice? See the world while you are working on exciting assignments. Do you have a product idea that you want to develop, then use our Startup-Tribe and get help to go from idea to reality. In time, you can also take on the role of educator, write articles, speak at conferences and meetups.

Place of employment

Prague, Czech Republic .


You can search with CV and Personal letter to If you have any questions about the service or about Edument, please contact Björn at 0733-514830.

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