Edument is not like other companies!

We go our own way and believe in the individuals of the company. Our expertise and the pursuit of new knowledge is what distinguishes us. Regardless of whether you are a developer or a sales person, this is all our endeavor at Edument.er Edument as your home. As part of our team you will experience the possibilities for your personal development. With us, only you set the limits. Are you like us, welcome to Edument!


Edument invests in innovation, development and people. Today we are a consulting and education company, but who knows what we do in five years? Those we seek are creative and curious people who want to be a part of developing tomorrow's Edument. We want to challenge and stretch the boundaries with projects that require the extraordinary. Which attracts customers who require precisely the extraordinary problem solutions and skills.  

Carl in front of a wall with Edument employees

Innovation, creativity, hunger for knowledge.

That is what drives Edument and hopefully you forward. We are constantly looking for excellence. Maybe it's already in you, or maybe you'll find it when you're with us to take it on? And great benefits is given. 

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Our offices are not premises where you stamp in and out, but a place you want to be at. We see the whole world as our workplace! If you want to change the work environment for a while when you are in a project or to read in on a new course material, pack the bags! Go to our office in Prague or where would you like to work from?

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We are always looking for talented colleagues, maybe you're the one we are looking for?

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News & feeds

  • New courses - SQL and Power BI

    Are you new to SQL or would you like to deepen your knowledge in Power BI? Regardless, we now offer new courses.

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  • Edument spreads its knowledge at PerlCon

    Today the annual conference PerlCon starts. This year it is held in Riga and Edument's presence is great as three of our developers will speak at the conference.

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  • We launch summer Boot Camp

    We are launching two Boot Camps, for you who want to become a modern and complete .NET Core developer. And for you who want to learn everything you need to know about JavaScript and frontend programming in 2019.

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  • Priority queues in Java and Python

    How do you talk about a "priority queue", a queue data structure where elemens get to "cut in line" if they're important? In this article, we'll compare the (quite different) answers from Java and Python standard libraries.

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  • How to install RavenDB on a VM in Azure (step-by-step, part 1)

    This is a guide for you who want to work with document databases. I describe how I got RavenDB to work on a regular Windows Server 16 virtual machine which in turn runs in the Azure cloud. 

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