Joakim Ernhagen

Joakim Ernhagen

Software development has always attracted me and because of that I ended up with a degree in computer science from the University of Skövde in the summer of 2008 and an employment as an application developer in September that same year.

I always strive to work in an agile way with quality as my key concept. In my opinion it’s better to have two things that work well then to have ten things that fall apart.

The thing I love most about software development is the tricky details and all the smart algorithms. I’ve orchestrated a couple of hackatons on my spare time with friends and colleges, mostly with focus on games and AI, and its always a fun time.

I like learning new things and to share what I know with others, and that is what led me to Edument where I definitely will have the opportunity to both learn and share.

Key skills

  • C#
  • TDD
  • Agile methodology


  • Certified Scrum Master


News & feeds

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