Hampus Nilsson

Hampus Nilsson

As a developer I live for robust and scalable systems where I get to find technological tools that solve real problems. I am satisfied when all components cooperate in a way that contributes to a functioning whole.

In my career as a developer I have always worked close to the web with solutions from the database at the bottom to the user interface at the top. Together with my bachelor focused in design of information systems this gives me a good appreciation of how computer systems work in an environment with people and processes that isn't always straightforward.

Key skills

  • C++
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • MS SQL
  • Web services


News & feeds

  • Edument for Musikhjälpen!

    We at Edument will of course contribute to Musikhjälpen and engage us through an auction and welcome everyone at "Swish-julfika" at the office in Helsingborg December 12!

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  • TypeScript generics in a dark castle

    In this post we explore TypeScript generics, using an example from the Angular course where the participants get to build their own Dark Castle...

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  • Why do we do this to ourselves?

    A couple of weeks ago, we discovered that some dates on our web site  were incorrect. Instead of showing the actual date of a course delivery,  certain pages would always show today's date...

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  • Today we open our new headquarters, Teknikhubben

    Today we open our new headquarters, Teknikhubben, on Kullagatan in Helsingborg. Here entrepreneurs can get help to realize their business ideas.

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  • New office in Gothenburg

    We are now opening a new office in Gothenburg

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