Javascript 2018 - React vs Angular

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Together with Zmarta Group we present:

React vs Angular

In the red corner, championing Angular, is long-time JavaScript evangelist David Waller. His opponent in the blue corner, defending React’s honor, is Carl Mäsak. Throughout the evening, our two combatants will enter into a battle of wits, where the merits and weaknesses of the two frameworks are highlighted.


David Waller

David is a long-time math and Swedish teacher who finally succumbed to his passion for programming. Originally, his programmer persona was a jack-of-all-trades, but he has since shed his earlier .NET .PHP .whatever skills in order to make room for anything and everything JavaScript. Down that rabbit hole David spends his time keeping up with the goings-on behind the curtain and trying out the latest frameworks. He has a special fondness for finding ways to harness the functional nature of JavaScript.

Carl Mäsak

Carl loves programming languages, and as part of helping specify and implement a Perl 6 compiler, has also been enchanted with the community processes around languages. As part of a many-year stint with frontend work, he has also found JavaScript to be an capable dynamic language with a vibrant community around it. He likes the innovation that keeps happening in the space around React, Angular, and the other MVC frameworks.

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Event info

Carl Mäsak
David Waller
Location: Polisgatan 4, 262 79 Ängelholm
Price: 0 SEK
Date: 19 Apr 2018
Time: 17:30 - 21:00

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