How I built a programming language

This is the story of how I implemented my own little language and my own little compiler. Writing a compiler is generally thought of as Really Hard, basically rocket surgery. To my surprise I found it quite straightforward, almost pleasant. I sincerely believe most people should build a compiler. Consider this evening a crash course in how to get started writing your own compiler. Compilers are simple "data pipes", and while there are definitely deep aspects to making them, the basic principles are simple. The thing that's difficult, though, is deciding all the little things about your language. Curly braces or indentation? Will you have a new keyword? What about types, and operators, and methods? Frustratingly, all those little decisions end up forming a whole united experience, and a tiny choice in one end can have disastrous Butterfy-Effect consequences in another end. Being a language designer is its own special hell, and not something I wish on everyone. 

Stop by for a hands-on introduction to things that we use every day and all benefit from understanding better: compilers, languages, and frustrating language features. Oh, and the language is called "007". *cue James Bond theme*

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    Carl Mäsak
    Location: Stora Varvsgatan 6A
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    Date: 18 Oct 2018
    Time: 17:30 - 20:00

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