Hack the City!


As part of innovation week Skane Edument presents together with BLOCK ZERO a social hackathon for anyone interested in social innovation and sustainable cities. Participants of all levels are welcome to join as individuals or groups.  After our brief introduction to what open data is, why it exists, and the open data available in Sweden we’ll enjoy some refreshments.  For the rest of the evening participants will branch into two groups:

For beginners a hosted workshop with an instructor will be provided.  We’ll walk through creating a simple application using some of the open data available in the Skåne region.

For experienced developers space and refreshments will be provided for open ended hacking.  We encourage you to check out https://oppnadata.se/ to see what sort of open data is available for you to work with!  In traditional hackathon style, we’ll run until the last ones are tired or morning comes! 

Event info

Carl Mäsak
Stephen Lau
David Waller
Location: Skeppsgatan 19, Malmo
Price: 0 SEK
Date: 29 May
Time: 17:00 - 23:59

Contact us for details

+46 40 61 70 720