Entrepreneurship & AI

- a culture and world in change

The landscape for entrepreneurship and business establishment has changed significantly. The "Silicon Valley" culture has brought young, driven people to take the chance and dare to take that next step. Historically,  it was seldom the engineers or entrepreneurs who gained the honor of  their innovation, without the major established companies. Then it's no longer!

At the same time, the computers are on the understanding of the world and we face a big change. People and machines are more likely to work together, side by side. But to get there, the computers need to interact with our environment.

Come and listen to Acke Salem, CEO and Co-founder for, among other things, Edument AB, when he tells of his entrepreneurial journey. At  the same time, together with Erik Man, Senior Architect, you will be  able to explore how we can make a computer "see" and "understand" our  world through machine learning, AI and image analysis.

Food, drink and mingle from kl. 17:00
The lecture begins at. 18:00

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    Location: Kullagatan 21, Helsingborg
    Price: 0 SEK
    Date: 13 Nov 2018
    Time: 17:00 - 20:00

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