World’s Best Morning: ”Augmented Reality & Machine Learning”


How did we create an environment and a culture where we take advantage of not only internal innovations but also external, and how does it work?

The key to the future lies in innovations, research and development and is usually behind closed doors. But in a fast growing competitive market, companies and individuals have increasingly started innovating and developing openly to speed up their process.

During World’s Best Morning at Media Evolution, Acke Salem, CEO, will talk about Eduments internal innovation that we since 2010 have invested 40% of our time in. And how it has been the key to our profitability and growth. This has also led to the opening of our Techhub where we help entrepreneurs realize their business ideas.

One of the latest technologies, Augmented Reality, has been widely used in apps like Pokémon GO and Google Translates Live view. Many of these applications are limited in how much of the camera feed that is understood, Augmented Reality allows us to present data in new novel ways and next step will be to better fuse the information with our world around us.

In the example of self driving cars we wouldn’t accept a car that blindly follows a map and GPS, we also want the car to check for obstacles and be able to handle when the map is wrong.

To overcome this limitation we need to process the pixels in the camera viewfinder more before we add our information overlays. State of the art for in image analysis is based on Machine Learning where we let a computer look at lots of images to find similarities and differences and with lots of examples we can make a computer detect objects like pedestrians, interpret facial expressions and guessing your age.

When we combine Augmented Reality with Machine Learning we get a glimpse of how to interact between humans and machines when we work side by side towards a common goal.

Erik Man, Senior Architect, will use a Rubik’s Cube solver to illustrate the process of combining Machine Learning with Augmented Reality to showcase how we can merge information in new innovative interfaces that can help end users solve complex tasks.

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