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Perl 6 for Programmers

Perl 6 is an exciting new language, boasting excellent Unicode support, a clean new pattern matching syntax that scales from regexes to full grammars, high-level concurrency features, built-in reactive programming, neat interoperability with native libraries (C), Perl 5, Python, and more. Solid and flexible OO enables rapid implementation of object models, while a whole range of functional-inspired features make data munging a joy. These together make Perl 6 a great glue language for the modern world. Compared with Perl 5, Perl 6 represents a step of revolution, not evolution. 

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Delivery date:
Stockholm: 21 Nov
Gothenburg: 14 Nov
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Advanced React

So you know and like React, but you'd like to go further and learn it more in depth? If so, then this course is for you!


With just a single abstraction and a tiny API, React has no right to be as powerful or popular as it is. Take our course to find out both how and why it works so well!

Introduction to EmberJS

There is not enough structure in web development. Everyone has their own coding style, their own object system, and their own MVC framework 

2 days | 21 500 SEKRead more and book

ReactJS in Prague

The main idea of React is this; if we rerender instead of mutate when something changes, our components and application as a whole becomes much easier to construct and reason about. There is of course a performance penalty to this, but React mitigates that through an efficient diffing engine, resulting in only the necessary changes actually being made. 

2 days | 26 500 SEKRead more and book

Asynchronous and multithreaded C#

Will teach you parallel and async development in C# using Tasks, async/await keywords and more.

Category: .NET
3 days | 25 900 SEKRead more and book

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    We are using more and more devices and services that collects data and when we combine this data with Machine Learning we are able to make predictions, sometimes extraordinary predictions.

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