Here you will find all our courses led by our expert teachers. Whether you are a beginner or experienced developer, we have a course for you. Our professional experts design their own courses and have long experience of working in the field. In addition to our scheduled courses, we can also customize our courses to your company, hold seminars or workshops in place with you. Please contact us and we'll tell you more

Our scheduled courses are held in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but we also have courses in Prague and Oslo. Make sure that you keep developing with us!

Courses in all categories

Advanced Git

This course will take your Git knowledge to the next level. It fuses a deeper look into how Git really works with a range of carefully selected practical techniques and advice on best practices.

Category: Git
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  29 Aug 28 Oct 16 Dec
Gothenburg:  22 Aug 24 Oct 9 Dec
Malmö:  15 Aug 17 Oct 12 Dec
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

C# Master Class

This class teaches you how to take advantage of what C# and .Net offer. It takes a range of real-world problems, and uses modern C# and .Net features to build clean, well designed, multi-paradigm solutions.

Category: .NET
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  16 Sep 27 Nov
Malmö:  19 Aug 16 Sep 4 Dec
Gothenburg:  19 Aug 16 Sep 27 Nov
3 days | 25 900 SEK Read more and book

Beginning Java

 This course provides an introduction to the Java language. 

Category: Java
Delivery dates:
Malmö:  30 Sep 11 Dec
Stockholm:  28 Aug 18 Nov 18 Dec
Gothenburg:  21 Aug 23 Sep
3 days | 25 900 SEK Read more and book

Software Architecture

How do you avoid making your project a big ball of mud? How do you balance a wide range of design concerns and constraints? How do you map customer requirements to working software? This course provides you with the means and methods to face these challenges.

Category: Software Architecture
Delivery dates:
Malmö:  29 Aug 12 Sep 21 Nov
Gothenburg:  22 Aug 30 Sep 10 Oct 9 Dec
Stockholm:  22 Aug 10 Oct 11 Dec
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

Web Security for Developers

The web is a great software delivery platform, making your software available to users around the world with zero installation and easily deployed updates. Unfortunately, it also exposes you to an army of adversaries - some human, some bot - who have darker goals: to cause loss to your data or reputation, subvert your resources for their own gain or attack your user base. 

Category: Web Development
Delivery dates:
Malmö:  7 Oct 19 Dec
Gothenburg:  2 Sep 3 Oct
Stockholm:  22 Aug 2 Sep 25 Nov
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

Introduction to EmberJS

There is not enough structure in web development. Everyone has their own coding style, their own object system, and their own MVC framework 

Category: Web Development
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  22 Aug
Gothenburg:  22 Aug
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

Advanced C++

Do you want to learn about the newest C++ standards and take your C++ programming to the next level?  Our course Advanced C++ focuses on how to leverage new features from the modern versions of C++.  This course will ensure that you are following the best patterns and practices, so you can write code that evolves easily into the future.

Category: C++
Delivery dates:
Gothenburg:  26 Aug
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

News & feeds

  • We launch summer Boot Camp

    We are launching two Boot Camps, for you who want to become a modern and complete .NET Core developer. And for you who want to learn everything you need to know about JavaScript and frontend programming in 2019.

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  • Priority queues in Java and Python

    How do you talk about a "priority queue", a queue data structure where elemens get to "cut in line" if they're important? In this article, we'll compare the (quite different) answers from Java and Python standard libraries.

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  • How to install RavenDB on a VM in Azure (step-by-step, part 1)

    This is a guide for you who want to work with document databases. I describe how I got RavenDB to work on a regular Windows Server 16 virtual machine which in turn runs in the Azure cloud. 

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  • How to install RavenDB on a VM in Azure (step-by-step, part 2)

    A guide in three parts, this is the second part. 

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  • How to install RavenDB on a VM in Azure (step-by-step, part 3)

    This is a guide in three parts. In this third part, we show how you import a certificate.

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