Here you will find all our courses led by our expert teachers. Whether you are a beginner or experienced developer, we have a course for you. Our professional experts design their own courses and have long experience of working in the field. In addition to our scheduled courses, we can also customize our courses to your company, hold seminars or workshops in place with you. Please contact us and we'll tell you more

Our scheduled courses are held in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but we also have courses in Prague and Oslo. Make sure that you keep developing with us!

Courses in all categories

Intermediate Python

This course presents a straightforward, broad and deep introduction to Python, its syntax and semantics, and its module ecosystem. 

Category: Other
Delivery dates:
Gothenburg:  17 Jun 15 Aug 17 Oct
Stockholm:  3 Jun 19 Aug 7 Oct 19 Dec
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

Beginning SQL

This basic course gives you an introduction to databases and SQL. During the course you get to learn what databses are, how they work and how to write SQL queries against databases. 

Category: SQL
Delivery dates:
Malmö:  4 Dec
Stockholm:  17 Jun 18 Dec
Gothenburg:  10 Jun 11 Dec
3 days | 25 900 SEK Read more and book


Take this course to not just learn how the new Angular framework works, but also gain a deep understanding of the thinking that comes with it!

Category: Web Development
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  10 Jun 24 Oct 12 Dec
Gothenburg:  10 Jun 7 Oct 21 Nov 19 Dec
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

Scrum in practice

In this one day workshop we will practice simulated scrum in a team setting. We will learn some more about the different events in scrum and get some insights into effective facilitation. Above all, we will discuss and share experiences from real life implementations of scrum.

Category: Agile Methods
Delivery dates:
Malmö:  2 Sep 18 Nov
Stockholm:  17 Jun 16 Sep 2 Dec
Gothenburg:  10 Jun 9 Sep 25 Nov
1 days | 12 500 SEK Read more and book

Orchestration in Docker

Get a better understanding of how Docker can help you in your development, testing and production of your application. You will learn how Docker is structured, mindset and which tools are available to you to build effective containers. Besides this you will also learn how to orchestrate your containers.

Category: Other
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  12 Jun
Malmö:  10 Jun
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

Introduction to WPF

The course will walk you through basic WPF concepts and introduce the MVVM pattern. The majority of the time will be spent on understanding the different mechanisms and technologies such as XAML, data binding and the WPF event model.

Category: .NET
Delivery dates:
Malmö:  6 Nov
Stockholm:  17 Jun 20 Nov
Gothenburg:  10 Jun 13 Nov
3 days | 25 900 SEK Read more and book

Software Architecture

How do you avoid making your project a big ball of mud? How do you balance a wide range of design concerns and constraints? How do you map customer requirements to working software? This course provides you with the means and methods to face these challenges.

Category: Software Architecture
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  17 Jun 22 Aug 11 Dec
Gothenburg:  17 Jun 22 Aug 30 Sep 9 Dec
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

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