Introduction to EmberJS

 There is not enough structure in web development. Everyone has their own coding style, their own object system, and their own MVC framework. It's a Wild West of constantly changing technologies, with little regard for backwards compatibility or stability. Most systems also leave far too many options open to you as a developer, when all you want to do is get your web application ready.

There are lots of JavaScript MVC frameworks out there, but Ember stands out from the crowd. MVC technology isn't new, and Ember makes use of this fact — lifting tried-and-true patterns from existing frameworks and providing them in an unabashedly opinionated package. Ember is the obvious choice for people who want choices made for them.

    Target audience

     Frontend developers. People who want to learn web application development with a JavaScript framework.


     A solid background in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, corresponding to our courses HTML5, CSS, and modern JavaScript.

     What you will learn

    Day 1

    • A first working example
    • Some relevant JavaScript
    • Ember architecture
      • Routes
      • Models
      • Controllers
      • Templates
      • Views
      • Components
    • Ember Data
    • ember-cli

    Day 2

    • Data binding in depth
    • Event handling
    • Configuring Ember
    • Testing
    • Asynchrony
    • Rendering, Glimmer and React
    • Ember and ES6
    • The road to Ember 2.0

    Course info

    Course code: T272
    Duration: 2 days
    Price: 21 500 SEK
    Language: English

    Course schedule

    There are no set dates for this course at the moment, but contact us and we'll make arrangements!



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