Advanced React

So you know and like React, but you'd like to go further and learn it more in depth? Probably you own or maintain a biggish React project already, and you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth of performance, best practices, and project structure for successful React projects.

If so, then this course is for you! Spend two days with other React-bitten participants and enthusiastic instructors who love to dive into the nitty-gritty of React semantics, sharing their experience of how to put together successful, robust, well-tested React projects that fill real customer needs.

    Target audience

    This course is for people who have been using React for a while and feel comfortable with it.


    You are expected to have taken our React course, and to have an additional 6 months of experience with React. A rigorous understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is assumed.

    Day 1

    • React and ES6+ and TC39 proposals
    • React and TypeScript (vs PropTypes)
    • create-react-app and ejecting
    • TDD, testing, and Enzyme
    • Performance
    • Dev tools; debugging applications
    • CSS-in-JS
    • Mastering the diffing algorithm

    Day 2

    • Managing state and data ownership
    • Dividing state between React and Redux
    • Managing your async data flow (Redux Thunk, Redux Saga, Observables)
    • Higher order components and render props
    • Bundle footprint
    • Time slicing and suspense/lazy loading
    • Hooks deep dive
    • Interfacing with other DOM libraries
    • Interfacing with GraphQL

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    Course info

    Course code: T373
    Duration: 2 days
    Price: 21 500 SEK
    Language: English Swedish

    Course schedule

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