Advanced EmberJS

You've mastered the basics of Ember, and now it's time to dive beneath the surface and understand what makes this web framework tick. And how to exploit it to build even better web applications.

From MVC theory to talk about performance and testing, we'll look at how to write responsible code with the most reliable framework in the JavaScript world.

    Target audience

    People who want to learn more than the basics about Ember.


    A solid understanding of Ember, corresponding to the Introduction to EmberJS course.

    What you will learn

    Day 1

    • An example application
      • Setting up
      • Ember CLI
    • Ember architecture, a recap
      • Routes
      • MVC: models, views, controllers
      • Templates
      • Helpers
      • Components
      • Application-level concerns
    • Pitfalls and risks
      • Performance
      • Mobile
      • SEO
      • JavaScript
      • Structure/modularity
      • Churn
    • JS and Ember performance
      • Binding
      • Animations
      • Load times

    Day 2

    • Rendering in depth
      • The Glimmer engine
      • Components
      • Attributes and updates
    • Testing in depth
    • Asynchrony, in all its glory
      • Promises
      • Common promise patterns
      • Examples
    • More about ES6+

    Course info

    Course code: T372
    Duration: 2 days
    Price: 21 500 SEK
    Language: English

    Course schedule

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