Software Architecture

How do you avoid making your project a big ball of mud? How do you balance a wide range of design concerns and constraints? How do you map customer requirements to working software? This course provides you with the means and methods to face these challenges.

    Target audience

    A couple of years of development. Preferably in an object oriented language (Java, C#, C++). The course, however, is language and platform independent.

    What you will learn

    The Role of The Architect

    • Why design matters
    • Complexity
    • The architect's place in the team.
    • Why architecture is hard.

    Getting feedback

    • TDD
    • Continuous Integration & deployment
    • Refactoring
    • Software metrics

    Domain Driven Design (DDD)

    • Bounded contexts
    • Ubiquitous language
    • Entity and value objects
    • Invariants
    • Aggregates
    • Event Storming

    Data Access Architecture

    • CAP theorem
    • ORM mapping
    • NoSQL databases
    • Polyglot persistence

    CQRS & Event sourcing

    • Semantic operations
    • Event sourcing
    • Read vs Write
    • The CQRS pattern
    • Commands and events
    • Write and read sides
    • Integration
    • Testing

    Architecture patterns

    • Sagas and process managers
    • Circuit breakers
    • Resilience patterns


    • Micro-services
    • REST APIs
    • Hypermedia
    • Creating scalable and reliable APIs
    • Webhooks
    • OpenAPI and Swagger
    • GraphQL


    • The security challenges
    • Hacking your self
    • Social engineering
    • Securing your architecture

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    Course info

    Course code: T100
    Duration: 2 days
    Price: 21 500 SEK
    Language: English

    Course schedule

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