Beginning ASP.NET Core in Prague

This course will give your ASP.NET Core development a solid start - in the right direction! It picks out and explains the things you need to know in order to use the framework effectively and develop testable solutions. While the course has a focus on practical skills, it also takes the time to explain important underlying concepts, including how HTTP works, the MVC design pattern, the TDD workflow and dependency inversion.

  • .NET
  • MVVM

Target audience

.NET Developers who want to learn how to develop web applications using MVC and TDD.


Good knowledge of programming in C# including writing queries using Linq. Also requires some knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What you will learn:

Web fundamentals

  • How the web works: HTTP, servers, clients, statelessness

Introduction to ASP.NET Core

  • .NET core
  • ASP.NET vs ASP.NET Core
  • A little history: ASP.NET WebForms, other approaches
  • OWIN

The request pipeline

  • Customizing
  • HttpContext
  • Static content
  • Exceptions

Introduction to MVC

  • The MVC pattern: models, views and controllers
  • Creating an ASP.NET MVC web application
  • Our first controller and view
  • Adding a basic model
  • Convention over configuration

Testing Fundamentals

  • What is Test Driven Development?
  • Introduction to xUnit
  • Writing our first controller test
  • Test explorer


  • The relationship between routes and controllers
  • Adding more routes
  • Routes and linking
  • Examining the request lifecycle
  • ActionResult
  • Route constraints

Dependency Inversion

  • What is DI, and why does it matter?
  • Refactoring towards DI
  • Testing using hand-crafted stub objects
  • The built in DI-container
  • Mocking with NSubstitute

The Razor View Engine

  • The Razor approach
  • Loops and conditionals
  • Built-in helpers
  • Layouts
  • Tag helpers
  • Partial views
  • View Components

Introducing Forms

  • Adding a form and posting to a controller
  • FormCollection
  • Parameter binding
  • Model binding
  • Forms and testing

Linking to a Database

  • Entity Framework Core
  • Database first
  • Code first
  • Testable approaches to data access
  • Repository pattern
  • Scaffolding


  • Client-side vs. server-side validation
  • Validation annotations
  • Custom validation
  • Validation and testing


  • Introduction to JSON
  • What is a RESTful service?
  • Writing API controllers
  • Attribute routing
  • Model binding and validation


  • The web is a dangerous place
  • SQL Injection
  • XSS
  • CSRF

Introduction to Razor pages

  • MVC vs Razor pages
  • Routing
  • Model binding
  • Validation 

Course info

Course code: T226P
Duration: 3 days
Price: 30 900 SEK
Language: English Swedish

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