C++ is one of the most used programming languages in the world, it is used in space, powers our financial systems and runs in embedded devices like your smartphone, controllers for your microwave and life-critical medical devices. C++ has established itself as a versatile programming language since its creation in early 1980. Yet it continues to improve with new features at a steady pace.

One of the core ideas in C++ is that you should only need to pay a price for the features you are using. This allows you to do optimizations that would not be possible with other high-level programming languages., for example guaranteeing hard real-time constraints in an embedded system. But, you also need to be stringent in how you structure your code to ensure your system stays flexible and efficient.

The C++ standard is huge and there are lots of quirks that don’t matter. In Edument’s C++ courses we focus on the knowledge that will make you a better programmer on a day to day basis. We emphasize modern guidelines and go through their underlying motivations.

In our C++ courses, we also look at how a modern processor works. We then use this as a base for how to structure your program so you get better performance when new hardware becomes available.

Edument has the courses you need for expanding your knowledge in the C++ domain. Our course authors have broad experience with large real-world projects used in millions of devices. They have worked with low-level assembly optimizations to high-level interfaces for third-party developers.

Courses in C++

Parallel Programming in C++

In this course we use Microsoft PPL (Parallel Patterns Library) for providing us with this high level abstraction and investigate how we can use PPL for implementing concurrent algorithms with high performance. We learn when to use concurrent programming and how to spot and fix concurrency issues, both for correctness and performance.

Category: C++
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  20 May 16 Dec
Gothenburg:  13 May 9 Dec
Malmö:  6 May 2 Dec
1 days | 16 500 SEK Read more and book

C++ for Experienced Developers

This course will bring you up to speed in the C++ world, covering aspects of both the well-established C++03 as well as the new features in C++11. 

Category: C++
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  27 May 11 Dec
Gothenburg:  20 May 18 Dec
Malmö:  13 May 4 Dec
3 days | 25 900 SEK Read more and book

GPGPU Computing in C++ with AMP

Computationally intensive work is often best solved by moving to parallel processing, to take advantage of multiple cores. For a subset of these problems we can get a huge improvement in performance by performing the computations on the graphics card, this is called General Purpose Processing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU). In this course we learn to identify what calculations to perform on the GPU and learn to implement GPU algorithms in C++ using Microsoft AMP (Accelerated Massive Parallelism).

Category: C++
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  27 May 21 Nov
Gothenburg:  20 May 14 Nov
Malmö:  13 May 7 Nov
2 days | 24 500 SEK Read more and book

Advanced C++

Do you want to learn about the newest C++ standards and take your C++ programming to the next level?  Our course Advanced C++ focuses on how to leverage new features from the modern versions of C++.  This course will ensure that you are following the best patterns and practices, so you can write code that evolves easily into the future.

Category: C++
Delivery dates:
Gothenburg:  27 May 26 Aug
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

GPGPU Computing in C++ with CUDA

In this course we learn to identify what calculations to perform on the GPU and learn to implement GPU algorithms in C++ using NVIDIA CUDA.

Category: C++
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  18 Jun 9 Dec
Gothenburg:  11 Jun 2 Dec
Malmö:  4 Jun 25 Nov
2 days | 24 500 SEK Read more and book

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