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C++ is one of the most used programming languages in the world, it has been used in space, powers our financial systems and runs in embedded devices like your smartphone, controllers for your microwave and life-critical medical devices. Since it’s creation in the early 1980 C++ has established itself as one of the most versatile programming languages, and yet continues to improve with new features at a steady pace.

One of the core ideas in C++ is that you should never need to pay a price for a feature you aren't using. This allows you to do optimizations that would not be possible with other high level programming languages, for example guaranteeing hard real-time constraints in an embedded system. On the other hand you need to be more stringent in how you structure your code to make sure your system stays flexible, efficient and performant.

To be a good C++ programmer you not only need knowledge of the language. You also need to know how the hardware you will execute your programs on to benefit from the capabilities of the platform.

The C++ standard is huge and there are lots of quirks that don’t really matter. In Edument’s C++ courses we focus on the knowledge that will make you a better programmer on a day to day basis, with best practices and motivations for each guideline.

We also look at how a modern CPU works and how to structure your program so you automatically get better performance when new hardware becomes available.

Edument has the courses you need for expanding your knowledge in the C++ domain. Our course authors have broad experience with large real-world projects used in millions of devices where they have worked with low-level assembly optimizations to high level interfaces for third party developers.

Courses in C++

Parallel and Heterogeneous Computing with Microsoft PPL & AMP in C++

Computationally intensive work is often best solved by moving to parallel processing, to take advantage of multiple cores. This course investigates both PPL and AMP, however it has a larger focus on the more advanced AMP functionality.

Category: C++
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  2 May 2018 10 Oct 2018
3 days | 25 970 SEK Read more and book

Advanced C++

Do you want to learn about the newest C++ standards and take your C++ programming to the next level?  Our course Advanced C++ focuses on how to leverage new features from the modern versions of C++.  This course will ensure that you are following the best patterns and practices, so you can write code that evolves easily into the future.

Category: C++
Delivery date:
2 days | 20 450 SEK Read more and book

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