Scrum Master with certification

In this course you will learn Scrum, the most widely spread agile framework. The course prepares you for certification according to PSM I (, as well as giving you the tools a Scrum Master needs to introduce Scrum, but also to successfully coach and facilitate a productive and working team. The training is suitable for anyone working in a scrum team or in an organization that uses or will introduce Scrum. You will learn the agile foundation that Scrum is built upon, and get a better understanding of the various parts of Scrum. The course contains theoretical as well as practical elements, and you will learn strategies and techniques that you can use in your own work. You will also get to know stories from reality, the latest research on motivation, creativity and productivity, and much more from our experienced trainers who has worked with Scrum in different organizations for many years. The course is given in our own premises in Malmö. The course fee includes one certification attempt.

    Target audience

    The education is aimed at you who work in or will work in a Scrum team but especially to you who want to become a certified Scrum Master (
    It is also suitable for those who will have a scrum team in your organization, whether you are project manager, client, team leader, developer, tester or manager today.


    There are no special prerequisites, but we recommend you to read through The Scrum Guide before the course.


    What you will learn

    • Agile values, principles and practices
    • Overview of Scrum
    • Rough planning
    • Product Back Log
    • Estimation
    • Sprint Planning
    • Sprint Back Log
    • The daily work
    • Daily stand-up meeting
    • Sprint Review
    • Sprint Retrospective
    • Preparation for certification
    • Exercises and tests

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    Course info

    Course code: P108
    Date: 22 Aug
    Location: Stockholm
    Duration: 2 days
    Price: 14 000 SEK (17 500 SEK) Early bird!
    Language: Swedish English



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