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Web authors are collectively coming to the same conclusion: the Web is becoming less inert HTML+CSS, and more dynamic JavaScript with the feeling of a desktop application. Interaction is more and more becoming the norm. Some roll their own solutions, or build on top of existing libraries. Others seek the comfort, scalability, and experience of a web application framework.

There are lots of web application frameworks out there, but Angular stands out from the crowd. Google-powered, open-sourced, and brimming with powerful mechanisms to turn your website into a web application. This course takes you through how and why.

Target audience

Frontend developers.

People who want to learn web application development with a JavaScript framework.


A solid background in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, corresponding to our courses *HTML5*, *CSS*, and *Modern JavaScript*.

What you will learn

Day 1

  • What is Angular?
    • Live demo
    • Impedance mismatch: Document-centric HTML vs web applications
    • The need for structure: a proper component approach
    • Data binding
    • An HTML compiler
    • Angular's testing story
  • Templates
    • HTML++
    • Two-way data binding
    • Angular expressions: full of mustaches
    • Dirty checking
    • ng-click
    • ng-show and ng-hide
    • ng-repeat
    • ng-include
  • Filters
    • Transforming values
    • i18n and l10n
    • Testing filters
  • Directives
    • Angular extends, and you can, too!
    • Directive normalization
    • Directives and HTML validators
    • ng-app
    • ng-controller
    • ng-restrict, ng-replace, and ng-transclude
  • Controllers
    • MVC
    • Scopes: the things your expressions happen in
    • Some live action with Batarang
    • Scope life cycle
    • Dependency injection
    • The Angular bootstrap
    • ng-init

Day 2

  • Models
    • A place to put your data
    • ng-model
    • Models and views
    • ng-select and ng-options
    • Testing your model
  • Forms
    • Form validation
    • ng-valid, ng-invalid
    • ng-pristine, ng-dirty
    • Custom form validation
    • Custom form controls
  • Animations
    • How they work
    • Directives that do animation
  • Services
    • View-independent business logic
    • Injecting services into controllers
    • Implicit dependency injection
    • Service dependencies
    • The $location service
    • Testing your services
  • End-to-end
    • Angular and backends (servers, REST, databases)
    • Protractor
  • The future
    • ...of Angular
    • ...of HTML
    • ...of web applications

Course info

  • Course code: T271
  • Course duration: 2 days
  • Price: 19500 SEK

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David Waller
David Waller
Eric Lavesson
Eric Lavesson
Carl Mäsak
Carl Mäsak


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