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The hugely popular .Net platform from Microsoft enables developers to build web, desktop, and mobile applications, as well as backend systems. Initially tied to Windows, today .Net Core enables building and deploying .Net applications on a whole range of platforms. .Net applications are typically written in C#, an accessible and yet rich language.

Whether you’re just getting started with .Net, or want to put the latest .Net libraries and C# language features to work, Edument has the courses you need. Our course authors have over ten years of real-world .Net experience. Join one of their courses to benefit from their hard won experiences and deep knowledge of C# and .Net.

Courses in .NET courses

Parallel and Asynchronous Programming in C#

In recent years, parallel hardware has become the norm.

It's not unusual to discover that one's smartphone has a multi-core CPU these days! At the same time, making calls to remote services has become common and users have come to expect highly responsive interfaces - both of which push developers towards asynchronous programming.

Modern TDD in .NET

This course draws on a wealth of real world experiences to show you how to apply TDD in .NET.

Introduction to WPF

The course will walk you through basic WPF concepts and introduce the MVVM  pattern.

The majority of the time will be spent on understanding the different  mechanisms and technologies such as XAML, data binding and the WPF event model.

Intermediate C#

Using C# 6.0 effectively means going beyond the object oriented features of the language.

Effective C# developers make good use of generics, LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and lambda expressions.

They use enumerations, nullable types, initializers and extension methods to write cleaner code that is easier to refactor.

This course steadily takes developers with a working knowledge of the object oriented features at the core of the C# language to the next level.

Day to day software design for .Net programmers

Good software depends on those implementing it making lots of good choices.

These individually small choices add up.

This course aims to help developers make better design choices by looking at a wide range of topics that need to be considered: the underlying hardware, the way the CLR works, data structure selection, how to use OO effectively, how to create extensible/composable designs, how to work with time, and more! 

C# Master Class

This class teaches you how to take advantage of what C# and .Net offer.

It takes a range of real-world problems, and uses modern C# and .Net features to build clean, well designed, multi-paradigm solutions.

Beginning C#

This course gets you started with the C# language and the .NET framework.

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