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Agile methods

Agile methodologies have transformed the way teams work, and how software is built. Agile puts the focus on working in small steps, delivering regularly, considering the customer a collaborator, and focusing on the product over projects. This is enabled through techniques such as Test-Driven Development, Evolutionary Design, Pair/Mob Programming, and Continuous Integration.

At Edument, we’re familiar with all of these techniques. We also understand that agile is really about people. We know from experience that success does not come from simply telling people to write tests, setting up a build server, and having a morning standup. Rather, it’s about enabling individuals to interact in positive ways, and removing roadblocks in the way of their doing great work. Join a course and benefit from the lessons we’ve learned.

Courses in Agile methods

Management 3.0

Ledarskap är inte bara chefernas ansvar. Det är allas ansvar. Alla leder vi på något sätt! Ledarskap är dessutom för viktigt för att lämna enbart till cheferna.

2010 släppte Jurgen Appelo boken Management 3.0 och den har gjort succé över hela världen.

Jurgen rankas som en av de mest inflytelserika personerna inom ledarskap och agile.

Management 3.0 är den ledande modellen för agilt ledarskap och kursen grundar sig på boken.

Introduction to Agile methods

To work effectively in development project it is important to get the best out of the Agile methods that are available and get an insight into how we can use Lean to balance our resources and abilities in a smarter way. To become self-organizing teams we need to acquire the knowledge and skills to become self-organizing, and efficient.

The course provides the team users of the tools and efficient manner that is necessary to work in a flexible environment.

Become a ScrumMaster

In this course you will get a deeper knowledge of Scrum principles and practices and how to apply them in the best way.  Understand the responsibilities and tasks a ScrumMaster need to know and how they are applied.

Exercises and preparation for certifcation to ScrumMaster is a key part of the course. The goal of this course is that you can do a certification day 2. Edument always strive for everyone to pass the certification regardless of previous experience.

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