Concept and product development

We have long experience of helping small and large companies to conceptualize and realize their product ideas. No matter what and how big challenges you face, whether it's a  digitalization or developing a software that's efficient everyday, we'll  help you!


Developer Tooling and Experience

The Edument team includes architects and developers with a specialization in programming language design, compiler and runtime development, construction of developer tooling, and API design. Our experience in these areas enable us to provide a range of distinctive services.

IntelliJ Platform Development

The Edument team have significant experience building on the IntelliJ platform. We have delivered multiple plugins for customers, including:

  • Providing developer support for writing code in internally developed DSLs
  • Integration with remote build tooling
  • Providing a better developer experience for working with the customer’s APIs

Furthermore, we have built a custom IDE on the IntelliJ platform. Comma, an IDE for Perl 6, includes a custom-developed parse engine to deliver accurate highlighting, auto-completion and reference resolution, integration of running tests and debugging, and many more features.

Whether you’re looking for a small plugin to help developers to correctly use your APIs, tooling support for internally developed languages, or something else entirely, we can help.


API Review and SDK Development

Do you offer, or are you planning to offer, an API for your service? We can help you to deliver a better experience to developers who will use it. We can:

  • Carry out a review of your API, looking out for potential pain points, inconsistencies, and other design issues
  • Have our polyglot team develop idiomatic sample code for your API in a range of languages and platforms
  • Design and implement SDKs for languages and platforms, to help developers more easily use your API

Language and Compiler Development

Lots of products end up including one or more Domain Specific Language, such as a custom query language or formula language. However, comparatively few teams include people with experience of language design, interpreter development, and compiler development.

If you already have such a language, or you are considering building one, the Edument team would be glad to lend our experience and competence. We can:

  • Assist with language design, either of new languages or in order to evolve existing languages
  • Develop or evolve interpreters and compilers
  • Provide help with optimization
  • Develop IDE support for languages (we have the deepest experience with the IntelliJ Platform, but can work with others too)

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