Welcome to Edument, the home of world-class IT education and mentoring

Welcome to world-class Edument and IT education

We have a passion for knowledge, growth and development are the basis for all our work. We assume challenges that break new ground and provide education that encourages others to become the best they can become. We are driven by the desire to educate and move people forward.
• Founded in 2010
• Gasell company
• 3 business areas - Education, Mentorship and R & D
• 30 employees
• Offices in Malmö, Helsingborg (HQ), Falkenberg, and Prague
Proof of Concept is one of our most important areas as well as one of the largest
Proof of concept, we help companies to take an idea of a complete concept and functioning prototype, by always being "early adopters" of new technology and understanding the use of these

Welcome to Edument, the home of world-class IT education and mentoring

Our developers are united by their desire to explore, improve, and push boundaries. The software we develop is top notch, just like the people that make up our development teams. Whether you need consultants to join your team on a project or a mentor to assist and coach your own developers, we have what you’re looking for.


As a student on one of our courses, you can expect to broaden your horizons. We want you to develop, and your skills to grow. Many of our courses can be tailor-made to fit your prerequisites and meet your specific challenges. Don't hesitate to ask us about how we can help you.

Research and Development

Edument specializes in the most challenging parts of software development. In addition to solving specific problems, our experienced consultants act as mentors who work to streamline your entire development process. Developers with increased knowledge, more effective working methods and enhanced tools will reduce your development costs. In addition, you get a more qualitative software and more satisfied users.

Research and Development
We're driven by desire to educate and move people forward Acke Salem - CEO Edument AB
Our vision

Knowledge begins with curiosity. Without curiosity there is no passion, no desire to learn, and no reason to grow

Our goals

We go the extra mile. We are not satisfied with the ordinary; we don’t finish until the extraordinary is achieved.

History about Edument

Edument AB was founded in the beginning of 2010 by Acke Salem and Tore Nestenius

The founders met each other for the first time at a conference in the end of 2009. Acke and Tore started to talk about services that were missing on the market, in the end they came up with the business idea of providing a service within development including both education and mentorship.

Almost immediately, Tore and Acke knew that they would start a company together and started to think of how to realize their idea. Tore had worked with development on advanced level for many years and started the successful project called “Programmer Heaven” and Acke, he had knowledge of the regional market, at the same time as he was in the board of Informator – a company which we have a close collaboration with today. The two founders of Edument were two individuals with competences and a social network that completed each other perfectly!

The company name came naturally. Edument is a combination of EDUcation and MENTorship, which are the two keystones of the company today.    

Edument’s business idea is to provide customers with a unique service which combines education with daily product development. To be able to realize this idea in the best way, we have created our own concept which offers you the extra support when applying the new knowledge from our courses. This concept is called CodeBuddy, and it has been shown to be a very popular one. 

Today, just over seven years, our team consists of 30 employees and we have given around 40 different courses all around the world. The combination of deep market insight, a large network and unique courses developed by our own team of experts, has contributed to Edument’s growth and possibility to offer our customers high quality services. 


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