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Become a ScrumMaster

In this course you will get a deeper knowledge of Scrum principles and practices and how to apply them in the best way. Understand the responsibilities and tasks a ScrumMaster need to know and how they are applied. Exercises and preparation for certifcation to ScrumMaster is a key part of the course. The goal of this course is that you can do a certification day 2. Edument always strive for everyone to pass the certification regardless of previous experience.

  • Scrum Master
  • agile

Software Architecture

Next delivery: Stockholm 8th Nov. 2016

This course will help you design your systems to cope with challenges around design concerns and constraints, how to map customer requirements to software, and how to avoid it all to turn into a big ball of mud.

  • Architecture

Introduction to Git

Next delivery: Stockholm 14th Nov. 2016

Git is an increasingly popular open source version control system that improves productivity and takes the pain out of branching and merge conflicts. This course gives you a solid foundation in the use of Git, and a look under the hood.

  • GIT

Modern web development with JavaScript

Next delivery: Stockholm 17th Nov. 2016

Ready to take the next step with JavaScript? Ready to get a deeper understanding of the language and its surrounding technologies? Then this course is for you.

  • JavaScript

Management 3.0

Next delivery: Malmö 30th Nov. 2016

Ledarskap är inte bara chefernas ansvar. Det är allas ansvar. Alla leder vi på något sätt! Ledarskap är dessutom för viktigt för att lämna enbart till cheferna. 2010 släppte Jurgen Appelo boken Management 3.0 och den har gjort succé över hela världen. Jurgen rankas som en av de mest inflytelserika personerna inom ledarskap och agile. Management 3.0 är den ledande modellen för agilt ledarskap och kursen grundar sig på boken.

  • management3.0
  • agile

Beginning C#

Next delivery: Stockholm 5th Dec. 2016

This course gets you started with the C# language and the .NET framework.

  • C# / .Net

Beginning Java

Next delivery: Stockholm 12th Dec. 2016

This course will introduce you to solid ways of writing modern Java code.

  • Java

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Eric Lavesson, developer of Cathedral

The news of Cathedral first broke in September and anticipation for the development of the game is very high. Did you know that the mastermind behind it works at Edument?

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Edument @ Øredev 2016

Don’t miss out on Øredev 2016 where we will have a booth. Save 10% off your ticket here

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New course - Angular 2

It was only just unleased upon the world and has already won the hearts of many. Thake this course and find out why!

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