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Advanced Git

This course will take your Git knowledge to the next level. It fuses a deeper look into how Git really works with a range of carefully selected practical techniques and advice on best practices.

  • GIT
  • Workflows

Applied Domain-Driven Design in .NET

This course aims to teach a direct, hands-on way to approach enterprise architecture. The focus is firmly on producing business software that's more useful, usable, testable, maintainable, and easier to understand than conventional ways of building applications.

  • DDD
  • .Net
  • Architecture
  • CQRS

Become a ScrumMaster

Next delivery: Malmö 23rd Oct. 2017

In this course you will get a deeper knowledge of Scrum principles and practices and how to apply them in the best way. Understand the responsibilities and tasks a ScrumMaster need to know and how they are applied. Exercises and preparation for certifcation to ScrumMaster is a key part of the course. The goal of this course is that you can do a certification day 2. Edument always strive for everyone to pass the certification regardless of previous experience.

  • Scrum Master
  • agile

Day to day software design for .Net programmers

Coming Soon

Good software depends on those implementing it making lots of good choices. These individually small choices add up. This course aims to help developers make better design choices by looking at a wide range of topics that need to be considered: the underlying hardware, the way the CLR works, data structure selection, how to use OO effectively, how to create extensible/composable designs, how to work with time, and more!

  • c#
  • .NET

Intermediate Java

This course will present you with some advanced concepts in Java. From string manipulation using regular expressions, through threading to exception handling, among others. We will look at these concepts and give you examples and with excercises give you a good start to begin using these techniques.

  • Java

Intermediate Python

This course presents a straightforward, broad and deep introduction to Python, its syntax and semantics, and its module ecosystem.

  • Python

Intermediate SQL

Next delivery: Malmö 16th Oct. 2017

This intermediate course builds on Beginning SQL and goes deeper into the language as well as how to design and implement your own databases from scratch.

  • SQL & SQL Server

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Join our free seminars

We have two interesting evening seminars coming up in Malmö. Autumn's program will be coming soon!

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New course: JavaScript Foundation

This course explains the language in depth, how JavaScript works and what parts of it are important, with the best teachers in the field ready to help you out.

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What happens when you manage over 10TB of data in PostgreSQL?

New seminar at Edument on the 9th Feb in Malmö. What happens when you manage over 10TB of data in PostgreSQL?

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JavaScript has already won

Välkommen till ännu ett intressant seminarium hos Edument.

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JavaScript Foundation

Are you searching for a JavaScript course which will give you the essential base and understanding of JavaScript? Modern JavaScript now has an even more modern challenger!

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