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Beginning SQL

Next delivery: Malmö 9th Oct. 2017

This basic course gives you an introduction to databases and SQL. During the course you get to learn what databses are, how they work and how to write SQL queries against databases.

  • SQL & SQL Server

C# Master Class

This class teaches you how to take advantage of what C# and .Net offer. It takes a range of real-world problems, and uses modern C# and .Net features to build clean, well designed, multi-paradigm solutions.

  • C# / .Net

Containerized RESTful Microservices in Node.js

Next delivery: Malmö 16th Oct. 2017

Using microservice architecture correctly requires digging into real examples and understanding what strengths and weaknesses microservice architecture has. Using hands on examples, as well as covering isolation and scaling with Docker and Kubernetes this course ensures that participants walk away from the course with a solid understanding of how to implement a microservice architecture using Node.js, Docker, and Kubernetes.

CSS - building the web with style

CSS is used to style content on the web. This course goes through the basics, from positioning to selector specificity. We'll look at how rendering engines and the DOM affect how one can write efficient CSS.

  • CSS
  • HTML

Day to day software design for .Net programmers

Coming Soon

Good software depends on those implementing it making lots of good choices. These individually small choices add up. This course aims to help developers make better design choices by looking at a wide range of topics that need to be considered: the underlying hardware, the way the CLR works, data structure selection, how to use OO effectively, how to create extensible/composable designs, how to work with time, and more!

  • c#
  • .NET

Intermediate C#

Using C# 6.0 effectively means going beyond the object oriented features of the language. Effective C# developers make good use of generics, LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and lambda expressions. They use enumerations, nullable types, initializers and extension methods to write cleaner code that is easier to refactor. This course steadily takes developers with a working knowledge of the object oriented features at the core of the C# language to the next level.

  • C# / .Net

Intermediate Java

This course will present you with some advanced concepts in Java. From string manipulation using regular expressions, through threading to exception handling, among others. We will look at these concepts and give you examples and with excercises give you a good start to begin using these techniques.

  • Java

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Join our free seminars

We have two interesting evening seminars coming up in Malmö. Autumn's program will be coming soon!

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New course: JavaScript Foundation

This course explains the language in depth, how JavaScript works and what parts of it are important, with the best teachers in the field ready to help you out.

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What happens when you manage over 10TB of data in PostgreSQL?

New seminar at Edument on the 9th Feb in Malmö. What happens when you manage over 10TB of data in PostgreSQL?

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JavaScript has already won

Välkommen till ännu ett intressant seminarium hos Edument.

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JavaScript Foundation

Are you searching for a JavaScript course which will give you the essential base and understanding of JavaScript? Modern JavaScript now has an even more modern challenger!

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