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The power of Git

Git won't repair your broken quadcopter, or make you coffee in the morning. But what it does do for you, it does very well.

It's funny looking back at earlier version control systems, how they had all these fancy things like branching, but still considered the version history to be a straight line. In Git, branches are built in from scratch: they're part of the version history itself.

Not only that, but it gives you excellent tools to tidy up your local work before sharing it with the rest of the group. Git means never having to say "oops". Well, hardly ever.

And it doesn't stop there. One of the nicest things about Git is the staging area, an important place where you prepare your work before making a commit. It's almost as if Git realizes, deep down, that development isn't always a straight line. Development is full of false starts, distractions, general confusion, and catastrophes.

And when that kind of workflow complexity becomes overwhelming, Git has your back. In this seminar, we'll talk about how, and why.

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