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Introduction to Git

This fast-paced seminar introduces the Git version control system, covering its core features and demonstrating its usage. The practical examples are underpinned with an explanation of how Git works. Topics covered include:

  • What is distributed version control?
  • Creating a repository
  • Basic operations (add, commit, status, diff, show)
  • Working with branches
  • Working with remotes

If you want to spread the seminar over two evenings, we can also cover a range of more advanced topics during the second evening, including:

  • Rebasing
  • Branch workflows
  • Tags
  • Stashing
  • A deeper look at the staging area
  • Digging deeper into .git: trees, blobs and more

  • GIT

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Course info

Course code: S001
Duration: 1 days
Price: 7 990 SEK



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