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Responsive Web Design

Welcome to the post-mobile world, where people are visiting your site through phones, tablets, netbooks, desktop screens, or even that 9999-pixel-wide plasma TV they just bought. How do we make the site look OK on all those platforms? That's what "responsive" is all about. Furthermore, how do we structure our work so that our site is still changeable, accessible, and HTML5-ready? In this seminar, we'll address all of these questions.

During this seminar, we'll cover the following topics:

  • The context
    • Browsers
    • Modern web design
    • HTML5
    • A Dao of web design
  • Fluid layouts
    • Resolutions
    • Fluid grids
    • Fluid typography: secret's in the ems
    • Doing grids by hand
    • CSS grid systems
  • Flexible images
    • One image, many resolutions
    • srcset
    • Adaptive CSS
    • Scripting
    • SVG
  • Media queries
    • Desktop down, mobile up: "Oh, how we laughed"
    • Screen size: let's narrow it down
    • Device specificity
    • Breakpoints
    • "Mobile first" teaches us simplicity
  • Dynamic content
    • Document structure
    • Footprint
    • Lazy loading
    • Selective content loading

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Course code: S006
Duration: 1 days
Price: Free



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