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How Functional Programming Influences My C#

C# in 2012 is a multi-paradigm language. While its OO roots are still clear to see, many of the more recent additions to the language have been inspired by functional programming. But what is FP anyway?

Taken in its purest form, functional programming presents a wildly different approach to software development than many of us are used to. While imperative programming sees us writing programs that perform a series of steps that mutate variables and objects along the way, FP defines programs through a function applications and puts the focus firmly on immutable data structures.

After an introduction and a small example, this session works through two scenarios where adopting functional programming values helps. In the first scenario, some multi-threading bugs are fixed by embracing immutable data structures. In the second, business logic is factored in a referentially transparent way, easing testing.

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Course code: A001
Duration: 1 days
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