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Git, the art of making mistakes, and remix culture

I use Git. A lot.

Git is the only version tool where I don't feel restricted by what the tool can and can't do. When I code, I make mistakes, do things in the wrong order, get into dead ends and have to double back. Git has a number of tools for working in the small that takes all that messy indecision and turns it into nice ordered purpose.

But even on a wider scale, working in the large, taking the individual pieces of work I've done, Git provides oodles of commands to massage and recombine them. In Git, commits are objects, they are these manipulable things that I can pick up, modify to my needs, reorder, combine with other commits, and put back in place. All in a 100% safe and undo-friendly way.

The Internet has transformed the way we express ourselves culturally by enabling remixing of anything and everything. Git is moving software development in exactly the same direction. A world where anyone can take something, modify it, and hit "publish". Helping improve something with almost no effort at all.

In this 1-hour talk, I give a whirlwind tour of Git and its building blocks, accompanied by some slides and ample discussion of workflows and the bigger picture of version control.

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