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Better and more scalable code with Scala

Java is at the peak of its popularity. The language has a strong community, solid tools, and many open-source libraries. But it is rooted in 15 year old ideas, and starting to show its age. Young languages are more expressive and flexible than Java. Scala is such a language. It's possible to be more productive in Scala than in Java. For some tasks, Scala is a clear winner.

This is a half-day workshop on Scala. Carl Mäsak goes through what advantages Scala offers in addition to common Java development. We'll see a number of programs written in Java and Scala. Carl gives examples of how the programs will not only be smaller as we move from Java to Scala, but also more adapted to the problems we need to solve. We'll use features and patterns from Scala to achieve results that would be complex or impossible in Java.

Where Java is a pure object-oriented language, Scala bridges both worlds: the object-oriented programming (OOP) world and the functional programming (FP) world. You can choose between these worlds when we write programs. Java uses static typing all the way through, while Scala also allows dynamic typing. There is plenty of support for parallel programming for domain-specific languages (DSLs), and there is a well-developed framework for web development.

But the best of all? You can still use your existing Java code together with your new Scala code. No need to ditch your entire Java codebase just to reach the strengths and benefits of Scala.

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