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Async Programming Awaits You

C# has come a long way since the first version arrived. Now version 5 of the language is here, and its focus is on asynchronous programming.

Traditionally, asynchronous programming has been fiddly enough to keep many developers from doing it widely. At the same time, the need for it has quietly crept up on us. Users demand ever more responsive applications, calling out to web services has become the norm and the multi-core world is pushing us to do more work in parallel, which of course we have to manage and synchronize somehow.

Asynchronous programming is applicable to all of these scenarios. The new async and await keywords in C# 5 aim to make asynchronous programming much easier. Rather than having to break your program up into dozens of callbacks, you can continue to program in an imperative style and leave the compiler to do the hard work for you. What would once have been a major refactor can now be achieved with a few small additions and tweaks.

In this example-focused talk, we'll take a bunch of synchronous code and turn it asynchronous, exploring the benefits of doing so.

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