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JavaScript Foundation

This course provides a solid JavaScript foundation that you can use to build sites and applications for the web.

Many developers today need to do frontend work and relate to JavaScript in some way. In fact, JavaScript is getting more and more important in our day-to-day work. Many people approach web programming without a solid foundation in the language. This course explains the language in depth, how JavaScript works and what parts of it are important.

Using a real-world application as a concrete case, we will go through modern application creation with JavaScript from the ground up. We focus not only on the browser, but also on building simple applications with NodeJS. Doing that brings much-needed advantages of a modern development, such as testing, linting, module management, build systems, and file watching.

  • JavaScript
  • Web

Target audience

People who are starting out with building applications with JavaScript on the web platform, or who are self-taught web developers who know the basics of JavaScript but want a more solid understanding.


This course is aimed at people with a developer background. Basic knowledge in HTML/CSS is a requirement.

What you will learn

Day 1

  • Syntax crash course
  • Case study: a simple app
  • jQuery and other libraries
  • Functions (and why they matter)
  • Functional programming
  • Node.js
  • Asynchrony - callbacks and promises

Day 2

  • Common patterns
  • API writing
  • Objects
  • JavaScript's OLOO (Objects Linking to Other Objects) mentality
  • A developer environment: bundling, testing, minification, "transpilation"
  • Harnessing the browser dev tools
  • Case study: Models and views

Course info

Course code: T180
Duration: 2 days
Price: 18 600 SEK
Language: English, Swedish

Course schedule

12th Oct. 2017 Book now
16th Oct. 2017 Book now
11th Dec. 2017 Book now
6th Nov. 2017 Book now
19th Oct. 2017 Book now
23rd Oct. 2017 Book now
14th Dec. 2017 Book now



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