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Java runs almost everywhere. Scaling down to sensors and feature phones, scaling up to powerful servers with dozens of CPU cores, running on a wide range of operating systems, and with countless libraries and frameworks, there are few situations where Java could not be used. And while Java first emerged more than 20 years ago, the language is still growing and evolving today.
Whether you’re new to the Java language and need to get oriented, or have used it for a while and want to polish your skills, Edument has the training you need. Our courses include coverage of modern Java features, such as generics and lambda expressions.

Courses in Java

Beginning Java

This course will introduce you to solid ways of writing modern Java code.

  • Java

Intermediate Java

This course will present you with some advanced concepts in Java. From string manipulation using regular expressions, through threading to exception handling, among others. We will look at these concepts and give you examples and with excercises give you a good start to begin using these techniques.

  • Java

Modern TDD in Java

This course draws on a wealth of real world experiences to show you how to apply TDD in Java.

  • TDD
  • Java

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