Wanted: .NET teacher and consultant

At Edument we offer the unique opportunity to combine programming with teaching! You get to hone your skills in challenging projects, then share your experiences in the classroom. As we have seen time and time again, this dual role holds great potential for programmers who really enjoy their craft!

Moreover, Edument knows that the key to success is competence. Therefore we choose to devote 40% of our time to develop the company and ourselves. The remaining 60% is dedicated to our customers, who we help both with training and projects.

Now our .NET tribe needs bolstering, and so we are looking for someone that wants to rise to the challenge of being a teacher and consultant in one!

Your first 6 months at Edument

To ease into the role as a teacher, you'll spent the first six months focusing mostly on teaching. If you so wish you can also take part in smaller development projects.

About 2-3 days per week will be spent at the Helsingborg office, where you work next to your comrades in the .NET tribe. The courses you will be tasked with delivering are:

The goal is for you to deliver your first course after 1 month. While studying the course materials you will simultaneously work with improving them, and also do research for new courses.

When you start teaching you will have around 6-8 days of training outside Skåne per month. Primarily the deliveries take place in Stockholm and Gothenburg, but you might also be sent elsewhere in Sweden or abroad.

After the first 6 months

There are several different directions to go from here. You can keep focusing on education, or take bigger part in a development project. Your own curiosity is king when it comes to shaping your role!

What we are looking for in applicants

Number of years spent as a developer is irrelevant. The deciding factor is your mindset and what you have accomplished. You have participated in several projects, and you have a genuine interest in programming. Very likely you have a few projects of your own, outside of your current employment.

Teaching experience is not a must. However, you must be comfortable with standing in front of large groups and explain complicated concepts in an accessible way.

Alternatively, you have a background as a teacher! You are used to teaching, and have programmed quite a bit on the side, but maybe not in a bigger or more organised setting.

The curriculum for the courses Beginning C#, Beginning ASP.NET MVC 5 with Test Driven Development and Modern TDD in .NET outlines rather well the level of competence needed for the job.

Edument is a company with many nationalities, and so we speak a lot of English. You are not required to teach in English, but you do need English proficiency to take part in what's going on in the company.

Your future colleagues

Today we are 27 Edumenters, based in our offices in Helsingborg, Malmö and Prague respectively. We come from different backgrounds, but have a common ground in our shared love for the dual role of the teaching programmer.

Rise to the challenge

If you think you would be happy in the teacher-developer intersection, send your application to bjorn@edument.se. You can also reach Björn directly by dialing +46733-514830.

We hope that we have wet your appetite and that you want to meet up and tell us about yourself!

Apply now!

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